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The authoritative text in criminal justice.


The first and best-selling brief introduction to criminal justice text, Criminal Justice: A Brief Introduction, 10e offers instructors and students a trusted, authoritative, and impeccably researched introduction to police, courts, and corrections. Designed with a new visual approach, this edition integrates graphic art with the important concepts and ideas of criminal justice. Its unifying theme, unmatched timeliness, and coverage of trends and technology makes this text the standard by which all other brief texts are judged. An interactive website along with author tweets (@schmalleger) extends chapter material and provides up-to-the minute information on this ever-evolving field.

Pearson now offers a MyLab for Criminal Justice. More than 10 million students used Pearson MyLabs in 2012, and the integrated use of these programs has been shown to provide measurable gains in student retention, success, work readiness and overall achievement. You may have already had a chance to see the current offering in MyCJLab, including simulations, pre/post tests, and an assignable media database, CJ Search.

Summer 2013, MyCJLab will include Point/Counterpoint Videos. These are videos that present individuals discussing two opposing sides of controversial CJ topics. Both sides will be presented in 3-6 minutes of total video. With each argument a speaker presents, justification and/or research that backs up that argument will be presented. Students will hear a good explanation of WHY the speaker takes a certain stance. Included in MyCJLab will be 3-4 review questions (multiple choice) and 1 short answer questions related to the topic. We will have 15 topics for intro to CJ and 17 for intro to criminology.

Point/Counterpoint Videos will be available within MyCJLab for the following titles only :

v Schmalleger, Criminal Justice Brief 10e

v Fagin, CJ2013

v Schmalleger, Criminology Brief 2e

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Criminal Justice A Brief Introduction 11th Edition

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Criminal Justice A Brief Introduction 10th Edition

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Criminal Justice Today An Introductory Text For The 21st Century 13th Edition

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