Digital Photography: An Introduction, 3rd Edition

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"Once an image is in digital form, what you can do with it is practically endless." Tom Ang Make sure you’re picture perfect with this concise and easy-to-use guide to digital photography from expert photographer and bestselling author Tom Ang. Now available in ebook(PDF) format. Understand what to look for when buying cameras, software, or accessories. Follow the essentials of good picture-taking and get expert tips on how to make the most of your digital images from covering the basics to image manipulation and special effects. Plus, "quick fix" pages on how to solve common problems mean your camera can learn to lie. Get clicking and get outstanding results every time. Updates to this edition Ch. 1 Buyers’ Guide (was Total Photography) A guide to cameras and accessories. All new products. Spreads newly presented as "Buyers’ Guides", to help the reader decide which products are most suited to their needs. Ch. 2 Photo Techniques (was Photography for the Digital Age) Skills, trade secrets, and techniques of digital photography. Updated text, some new photographs. Ch. 3 A Compendium of Ideas (New, not in previous 2 editions) 36 pages of projects, concepts, subject areas, approaches, and ideas. All new text and photographs, taken from Digital Photographer’s Handbook 4th edition. Ch. 4 All About Image Manipulation Filters, image effects, distortion, color control, and manipulation. Some minor reorganization of information, text updated. New text, images and layouts for Filter Effects, pp. 170-177. New spread on High Dynamic Range. Ch. 6 The Output Adventure Proofing and printing, uploading images to the web. Text updated. New spread on Creating a Website.

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Digital Photography An Introduction 3rd Edition

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