The Beautiful Torment of a Dream

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With such busy modern lifestyles it’s great to come home after a long day’s work and hand over the responsibility of cooking to someone else. Many of us do this on a weekly basis when we put the oven-meal into the microwave and serve it usually with oven chips or frozen veg. Preparing a meal from scratch just seems like too much effort and a much more costly approach to our food. However food and health professional would agree that we are paying more for this food than we realise. To the processed food manufacturers we have handed them also the responsibility over our long term health. They are failing us. So, how can we prepare meals from scratch that are convenient and cost effective? Simple Simon says his recipe book is not about healthy eating, rather it is a collection of recipes demonstrating the good habits within cooking that can make it equally as convenient and cost effective as any processed food. Simple Simon says the key to success is designing recipes that avoid food waste and are seasonal. In this way Simple Simon’s Recipe Yearbook will show you how to get the most from your food and put more back into your pocket.

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Beautiful Dream

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Beautiful Torment

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The Beautiful Torment Of A Dream

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