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The day Liz Evans went for a run in the forest, she didn’t expect to die.
She didn’t expect to wake up, either. And to top it all off, her best friend Gabby turns out to be a witch. Like a real life witch. Not to mention her new boyfriend, Sam and his egotistical brother, Zac turning out to be something other than human.
Her world is turned upside down in an instant and all those dreams she’s had of going off to college and falling in love have gone right out of the window. All she can think about is blood and it takes all she’s got to not go on a murderous rampage through town. With a little help from Zac, the guy she’s definitely not meant to have feelings for, her life is able to go back to normal. Well, as normal as being a vampire can be.
When she can finally cope with the thing she’s become, there’s only one question she wants answers to. And it’s the one that mightn’t have any at all.
Who the hell would want to turn her?
Liz’s last days as a human. Gabby’s first days as a witch. The Degaud brothers first day in Ashburton. Liz’s first days as a vampire…
Young Blood is a Witch Hunter Saga novella that is part prequel, part companion. One half spans the time before The Witch Hunter (#1) and one half of the story occurs during the events taking place in The Awakening (#4). Be warned…there are spoilers for the first three books of the Saga.

Keywords: vampire, romance, paranormal, urban fantasy, witch, witches, curse, myth, diaries

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